Sizing & Pricing

We want you to be happy with your order! To ensure you will receive your poster printed as you expect, we recommend completing the following checklist before you check out.

  • Does my entire poster fit on my preview screen when the correct fabric, size and quantity are selected?
  • Does it look like my poster will print more than once? If so, be sure to choose Center repeat in the design window.
  • Does the size of my poster look accurate? Is it too small or too big? We recommend 2 inches of clearance from the edges.
  • Is my file a .jpg or .png? Please note that we cannot accept PDFs.
  • Did I order my poster on Performance Piqué
  • Did I choose the correct shipping type for my deadline?
  • Do I still have questions? If so, email Spoonflower’s help team.
Still have questions? 
Please don't hesistate to reach out to:

2810 Meridian Parkway, Suite 176 Durham, NC 27713

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As the preferred fabric poster printer of the 
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Valid on all orders of 1+ yards of Performance Piqué fabric. Expires March 28*, 2018

*Orders placed on March 28 must be placed by Noon EST with the 2 day shipping.

Upload Your Poster

Spoonflower’s custom fabric posters travel well, never crease or tear, and can be easily stored in a backpack or carry-on… all for less than the price of a traditional paper poster!

No hemming required on our recommended Performance Piqué fabric – simply trim the edges and display your work!

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* Pricing for suggested fabric type: Performance Piqué, including 10% designer discount and 15% AAG discount

** Rotate your design 90° prior to uploading to Spoonflower

Shipping Deadlines & Rates

Confirming Your Order Checklist

Cost = $15.30

The recommended fabric for your professional poster, Performance Piqué, has a set width of 56". To prevent posters wider than 56" from getting cut off during printing, simply rotate your image 90° prior to uploading to Spoonflower.

For a 72" wide x 48" tall poster, you will need to rotate your poster design 90°, order 2 yards of fabric and select the center repeat option on your design page. Keep in mind that the preview window is the best way to predict how your poster will print!

*Shipping times for US destinations only

Cost = $30.60

Not sure if you set up your file correctly? 
Email help@spoonflower.com and we'll be happy to review your file once uploaded to Spoonflower.