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Scratch-and-Sniff Wallpaper

24in (61cm) wide

Printed in the USA

Easily Removable

Water based,
eco-solvent inks



Orange Blossom

Bees and humans alike swoon for this fragrance that evokes summer romance

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For years our research team has been working to develop new technology enabling us to make smells visual, and empower our customers to add a new layer of customizable dimension to their homes. The result is our new scratch-and-sniff line of papers, which feature micro-encapsulated fragrance crystals that are activated by friction (scratching). The microscopic crystals are actually mixed directly into our eco-solvent ink solution, similar to the scratch-and-sniff stickers we enjoyed as youths.

“Ever since watching the movie ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ as a small child, I’ve dreamed of being able to adorn my walls in a garden of scented papers. I’ve tried everything from expensive candles to rubbing citrus fruits directly onto my wall, which just results in a big, pulpy mess.

I'm so grateful that Spoonflower has finally created a product that addresses this important need, and I absolutely love the product. It was easy to install and smells incredible every time I brush against a wall. The orange blossom scent is my favorite! 

- Julie P. (beta tester)

Early iterations of scratch and sniff technology had to be hand-applied on top of the inks, which we knew would not be a scalable solution for our large and ever-growing customer base. The fact that we’re able to mix the fragrance chemistry directly into our inks is a revolutionary scientific breakthrough that we’re proud to offer to our global community of designers and makers. Our team of chemists have developed three amazing scents: fresh orange blossom, aloe eucalyptus, and sultry summer rose. We’re currently working with an artisanal perfumier in France for our Fall / Winter ‘19 line of new wallpaper-inspired fragrances.

Aloe Eucalyptus

Relaxing and refreshing, like a soothing balm for a sunburn or a sad wall

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Summer Rose

Delicate and nostalgic with just a hint on danger, like your grandmother's rose garden

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Our R&D team has made a scientific breakthrough in the field of olfactory-enabled wallpaper, and we are so excited to unveil this new product to our community, which we believe will revolutionize the home décor space. Finally, a way to have your wallpaper and smell it, too!

• Friction-activated, micro-encapsulated fragrance crystals
• Printed on durable, top-quality paper with a linen-textured finish

• 24 inches (61cm) wide, length is customizable starting at 12 inches (30.5cm)
• Available in orange blossomaloe eucalyptus and
summer rose scents
• FSC Certified, formaldehyde, phthalate and PVC-free
• Made in the USA of imported and U.S. materials and printed at our headquarters in Durham, NC (USA)

April Fools! While we cannot offer you scratch-and-sniff wallpaper today, you can still shop some of our favorite designs that are so good you can almost smell them!

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Scratch-and-Sniff Wallpaper


Scratch-and-Sniff Wallpaper was an April Fool's Day joke!
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